The International Maritime Dictionary part 1

The International Maritime Dictionary - IMD is a Maritime English Dictionary about navigation, engineering, safety, communication, inland navigation, chartering, insurance and logistics.

The IMD provides translations of English maritime-related idioms and expressions into the five languages most frequently used in the international seafaring world:

Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

In the world of international logistics it will form a new and formidable tool that will enhance the quality of communication and safety in the maritime industry, particularly for shipboard practices on board vessels that have multi-lingual crews.

The IMD holds a separate "pictionary", i.e. a dictionary on tools and devices that explains the English names by means of pictures. The book also has a separate section on abbreviations.

The authors and their maritime institutes that have been involved in the translations are:

Peter C. van Kluijven - STC-GROUP - Maritime University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam Netherlands
Jane Magalon - Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific - Philippines
AsuciĆ³n Belliure - Maritime Vocational School - Palma de Mallorca - Spain
Weihua Luo and Daming Tong - Dalian Maritime University - China
Olesya Lutsenko - De Ruyter Maritime Institute, University of Applied Science Flushing - Netherlands
Ghada Hozayen - The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Alexandria - Egypt

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